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Kingdom Animalia
I know this Taxonomy shit.

"Hey, it's Gar. I'm not answering. Obviously. Leave a message and I'll hit you back."

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JOURNAL: smash_circuits
IM: AIM = Not Scandinavian
E-MAIL: candycanepolkadots@yahoo.com

If you should have any issue at all with the way I'm playing Beast Boy, drop me a line here and it'll be addressed and attended to. Anonymous commenting is on and properly accepted. Don't hesitate.
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CHARACTER NAME: Garfield Mark Logan aka Beast Boy
FANDOM: Teen Titans (a la comic-canon)
CHRONOLOGY: Gar will be taken from Geoff Johns' pre-Infinite Crisis run on Teen Titans, specifically from soon after the "Lights Out" storyline.

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WHO: Gar Logan and Amara Aquilla
WHAT: Coincidental meetings!
WHERE: A grocery store and beyond.
WHEN: Friday afternoon, Sept. 2nd
WARNINGS: None probably
SUMMARY: Gar and Amara have a mutual friend who's gone and they meet while buying groceries and stuff.

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